The Free Church of Scotland is a Presbyterian church. This means that it is governed by presbyters (elders). In each congregation there is usually a teaching elder (the minister) and several ruling elders (laymen), and they are all of equal status. The minister and ruling elders are elected by the congregation and together make up the Kirk Session.

In addition, there are deacons who manage the temporal affairs of the church. These are also elected by the congregation and are known collectively as the Deacons’ Court. Unlike in the political arena, elders and deacons do not need to stand for re-election every few years.


Smithton Deacons

Douglas Campbell
Laurie Chancellor, Clerk to Deacons’ Court
Dave Crowe
Neil Fraser
John Lee
Iain MacArthur
Angus MacKay
Sammy Macleod
Donald MacRitchie
Alastair Matheson
Roddie Nicolson
David Roberts [/one_half]

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Smithton Elders

David Meredith, Minister
Murdo “Mud” Macleod, Associate Minister
Charlie Anderson, Church Manager
Neil Angus
Donald Angus Campbell
Jim Chalmers
Calum Graham
Scott Lauder, Chair of Deacons’ Court
Stephen Loch
James MacArthur
Ian MacGillivray
Iain MacKay
Donnie Maclean
George Maclean, Clerk to Session
Gillies MacLennan
Bill Maclelland
Angus MacLeod
Donnie Peter Macleod
Donald Morrison
David O Sutherland
Vince Tough
Iain Wilson

Office Bearers

The role of elders and deacons — Rev Sandy Willson